Draza Smith: Election Fraud on Cruise Control?

2 years ago

Meet Draza Smith.

Draza was kind enough to do this interview in the middle of a move, and during a thunderstorm!

Nothing is going to stop the truth, come rain, come shine.

Draza holds two master's degrees---one in electrical engineering, and the other in cyber engineering. Draza has completed her doctoral work in cyber engineering, and awaits defense of her PhD dissertation.

Even more impressive, Draza has worked for Sandia National Labs, focusing on Cyber and Grid security. These subjects are of the utmost importance as we approach Mike Lindell's cyber symposium where experts will verify or dispute the authenticity of 37 terabytes of packet captures related to the hacking of our US elections.

Want to learn more about PID controllers? Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkfEZmsQqiA&t=43s

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