Disrupt Now Podcast Episode 59, Breaking the Myths Around the Masculine

Published July 28, 2021 5 Views

Rumble The gender roles that we feel “define” us are typically based on stories, myths, and are usually just “things” that we carry with us. But gender has been misconstrued with “masculine” and “feminine” when those are just energies.

Truth is, there are no rules as to what women or men should do and what they should look like. These are outdated belief systems and simply not accurate anymore.

In this episode, you’ll meet Steve Strother, the founder of a men’s coaching program he constructed called Finding Men’s Peace. On his journey, he found himself disconnected as he tried to always stack up against the “typical male” you see in all media. It didn’t define who he was and made him feel frustrated, angry, and caused a multitude of challenges that helped him create his business based on what he has learned.

After listening to this episode, you’ll learn:
--That the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine are energies and how both men and women have access to both
--How men can identify and remove the masks they’ve been wearing that were constructed to hide their vulnerability and emotions
--Why it’s necessary for men to rise to meet women in a more elevated space (coming from the hard work that is all about going within)
--Why being a male and “being masculine” are not synonyms
--How there are many myths wrapped around men, like men are simple or men only care about sex, food, and their career/power (these simply aren’t true and there are many more!)

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