Success July 27, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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Success July 27, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

If we want to succeed in life or in any endeavor we undertake in life, we have to be honest about ourselves, which requires that we know the truth about ourselves.
I might want to be a baseball star, but the fact is I can't hit a ball to save myself and have only limited talent as a fielder. So much for my career in baseball. I am better off going to the game and watching other people play.
I know that. I admit that. I accept that. And so I don't waste my time or anyone else's trying to be something that I am not.
Give me a game of chess and I am a real contender. Give me a bow and an arrow and a target to shoot at, and I will do fine. Give me a skeet shoot....or let me tend a hockey goal, and I will earn my beans and rice. I am even decent, though naturally height disadvantaged, playing volleyball.
There are things I am good at, and I have learned to know what they are, mainly by failing at other sports.
Many injured Americans are coming into our Assemblies and stumbling around like hibernating bears, just waking up. They are angry and some of them are scared and all of them are disoriented.
Those of us who have been awake a while are stuck with the job of helping them through the wake up process, and helping them find their bearings. Then, we have to help them find a place where they can contribute to the effort instead of disrupting it and damaging it.
And most of all, we have to keep focused on the game we are playing, or we will start out with croquet and wind up playing field hockey.
Recently, two Assemblies have been dissolved while still in the process of assembling. I have received no end of guff about this. I have had people whining that I've sacked all the "strong leaders".
Surely, this is a terrible mistake on my part?
I know this will be a shock, but we are not looking to build up "strong leaders".
We are looking to build up a whole large group of good people, who are competent to stand on their own two feet and work together, shoulder to shoulder, for the common good of their communities, their Counties, their State, and this country.

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