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Do you sometimes feel that great money ideas work for others, but not for you?

Do you sometimes feel that great money ideas work for others, but not for you?

Or do you have thoughts that you can’t hold onto the money that you make, so what’s the point of multiplying your money?

Or that if you started to make huge sums of money, your friends might dump you?

Whatever it is, we all have many limiting beliefs and negative ideas about money.

And these ideas are usually just outside our awareness, so we don’t know that they are blocking our money flow.

It is the same with our health or our love life.

How do you know that you have these limiting beliefs?

If you notice that there is a pattern that repeats itself more than twice, this is definitely evidence of a subconscious sabotage.

That means your subconscious mind is boycotting your success.

No matter how much effort you put in, your own subconscious mind will keep tripping you up and stopping the money from falling into your lap.
I know it can be so frustrating when this happens.

Self-doubt, frustration, and fear can creep in and stop you from moving forward again.

Or you might work harder, put in more hours, and you may even start to have less patience with your loved ones…...you can waste so much time and money.

Sometimes years pass and the money you're trying to achieve still isn't manifesting…..
If you are feeling this contact me today and book your Money Breakthrough Package with me.


My client Alicia, was used to a corporate lifestyle.

Once she became a mum, her focus changed so she began a home-based enterprise.

Her business took off but it was taking a lot of her energy which impacted her health and her relationships.

Motherhood also affected her body.

She had chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain.

The more she ignored the cries of her body, the more the money tap turned off.

She had been able to put up with physical pain, the stresses of mothering, and the lack of intimacy in her love life, but when she began to feel the money pinch it got her attention.

She asked for my help.

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