Truth about Jan 6 for most patriots!

Published July 27, 2021 37 Views

Rumble I am sick of the lies and cowards calling us innocent Americans names that day after going exactly where the police told us to go!!

Consider the following analogy:

Let's say a tour bus pulled up to opposite side of the twin towers during 9/11 and they can't see and don't know the building has been hit by plane.

What police officer would tell us to keep going and point us to go on ahead?!

They wouldn't take a tour group up to the building 19 minutes after it's been hit?! Especially if the tour group included the President of the United States!

At minimum they wouldn't be bored and calm telling the tour group keep going into a terrorist attack?!

So the officers pointing me to keep going while the “terrorist” attack at the Capitol was happening are innocent and heroes?!?! Wtf?!?

I have video and the Capitol police and National Guard told us to keep going!

So the Capitol police and National Guard were knowingly sending me and other innocent people were being sent to our death?!?!

I have video evidence that is timed stamped!!! I am not a terrorist! I was told to go there by Capitol police and National Guard!!!!

There was no indication of violence at President Trumps speech!

There was no violence or indication of violence on the walk to the Capitol where the police told us to go!!!

Again I have videos of the entire event on the other side of the Capitol building where we could not see any violence!

We would have gone home or back to our hotels if at any point any of us knew about the “violence and terrorist attack” we were being lead to!

In fact when President Trump was finally notified about the violence, he immediately told us to go home and we did.

So why didn’t the sitting President of the United States know about the “violent insurrection, terrorist attack and evacuation” of the Capitol building where we were told to walk to?!?

Does anyone get what I’m asking and why it is so freaking scary?!! Does anyone understand the implications of this?!?

Nope, instead we must all be terrorists and the police who told me to keep going are what then????

Either the police didn’t know about the “violent insurrection” a few blocks away....... or they are lying to us!?!?

Who decided not to tell us?! Who gave the order to keep us on the other side of the Capitol building, completely in the dark!

They literally cut out all internet or cell service so we had no idea.

This is really scary and I want and deserve answers!

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