ūüö®VERY IMPORTANTūüö® Dr. John Coleman 1994 Speech Warning of NWO, Depopulation & More by 2050

Published July 27, 2021 1,737 Views
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1994 Dr. John Coleman "Committee of 300" Full Speech
Dr. John Coleman tried to WAKE US UP in 1994, warning of The Great Reset, The New World Order, One World Government, Elites, Illuminati, socialism, communism, Marxism, severe de-population, and smearing of the U.S. Constitution.

The parallels are EXACTLY what we are going through now.

If only more listened to him back in 1994 when he wrote his book: "The Committee of 300" download it here: https://bit.ly/3i6MYA4

He mentions all of these changes - headed by the 300 people who control everything- will be by 2050. Notice that when Donald Trump won, panic immediately set in? She was never supposed to lose. HRC was supposed to finish off the plan with two terms to meet their 2050 goal.

Enter "Agenda 2020"


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