Linda S. Nelson - The Blueprint For 2 Americas

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2 years ago

Today on the Naturally Inspired Podcast Linda S. Nelson is joining us.
Linda is the author of 2 America’s a book that answers the question I’m hearing a lot these days which is how did we get here? Linda graduated university with a BA in English literature and an “awakening”. She was a self proclaimed university feminist turned pro-life advocate. She is an educator, wife, mother and successful business woman. Linda’s awakening continued after university with a series of lectures on the humanist manifesto and its affects on education. It’s is her hope that as you read 2 America’s you will walk out of the dark into the light and begin to see that the social change being pushed upon us is all apart of the humanist manifesto. Get more information on Linda at
Please welcome Linda S. Nelson to the Naturally Inspired Podcast.

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