How To Detox Graphene Oxide With Natural Zeolites

Published July 26, 2021 4,700 Views

To learn more or to order from the official website here These zeolites are both alkaline and have a negative magnetic charge which makes it act like a magnet to attract heavy metals in the body. Aloing with zeolites porous structures that act as a sort of storage container for these metal toxins these natural zeolite minerals seem to be ideal for removing heavy metals from the body.
However, some claim zeolites may cause their own heavy metal toxicity and therefore be a bad detoxifier it should also be noted that zeolites are a very stable compound and evidence seems to prove that this is a safe product. Just watch the complete interview before concluding your opinion. This is not medical advice and I am not a licensed physician. This is for educational and informational purposes only. I am just sharing the info.

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