Dr. T with Senator Dr. Scott Jensen - The Loss of Public Trust & How to Restore It(July 26th, 2021)

Published July 26, 2021 5,555 Views

Dr. Scott Jensen has practiced family medicine in Carver County, Minnesota for 35 years. Dr. Jensen served in the Minnesota Senate (2017-2021) and was vice-chair of the Health and Human Services Committee.

Dr. Scott has a dedicated lifetime of community service. The experiences he acquired through these activities uniquely prepared him to create an independent holistic place of caring, Catalyst Medical Clinic, P.A.

During our discussion, we covered so many things including his recent discussions with funeral home directors about 'covid deaths'; the fracture of the public trust; his run for Governor of Minnesota; and his upcoming new book, "The Day the Doctor Told The Truth." This is a must listen - and please share!

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