America First Rally with Scott Presler: Taffy Howard Inspires Sioux Falls

Published July 25, 2021 542 Views
Taffy Howard is the SD State Representative for District 33 in Rapid City. She spoke at the America First Rally, sharing Scott Presler’s vision to inspire Sioux Falls to "Stop talking. Start doing. If not you, then who?"

Taffy shared two big wins in the SD Legislature this year:
• the Stand Your Ground bill, which was a huge victory for the 2nd Amendment in South Dakota
• the Born Alive bill, which provides the same medical care for a baby that survives an abortion as any other baby

Taffy also discussed two significant losses:
• the bloated SD Budget
• the fairness in women's sports bill

She stated that there was no excuse for the fairness in women's sports bill not to be passed. Governor Noem was pressured from outside groups like the NCAA and the Chamber of Commerce. Governors in other states stood up to this outside pressure and passed similar women's sports bills, but not our governor in South Dakota.

In addition, Taffy spoke about the importance of stopping critical race theory (CRT) and putting an end to the indoctrination of our children in our schools. She challenged the audience: Now is the time for people to run for school boards, city councils, and county commissions!

She closed with a quote from Helen Keller: "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all…"

Taffy's challenge: Dare to do what you are called to do!

Taffy Howard is running for Congress! Check out her website and support her campaign:

Learn more about Taffy Howard:

This event was organized by Primary John Thune in 2022. Join their efforts:

Videotaped on July 22, 2021, by Stand Up For Liberty

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