140 Hospitalized People Out Of 141 Cases In Sydney Had Both COVID Jabs, Other Had 1 Dose

2 years ago

There are a number of people in hospital. 141 people are in hospital with COVID at present and 43 are in intensive care. 18 of whom require ventilation so this is a very serious disease. Of those 141, 60 are under the age of 55 and 28 under the age of 35. And of the 43 people in intensive care, 1 in is in their teens, 7 are in their 20's, 3 are in their 30's, 14 are in their 50's and 12 are in their 60's and 6 are in their 70's. So this is effecting people of all ages with very serious disease.

All but 1 are vaccinated. 1 has just recently received 1 dose of vaccine."

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