Scott Presler Fires Up Sioux Falls to DO SOMETHING!

Published July 24, 2021 301 Views
Scott Presler came to Sioux Falls and challenged everyone there: Stop talking. Start doing. If not you, then who?

Scott shared his journey from dog walker to trash collector to speaker at CPAC to community organizer extraordinaire!

Following are a few great takeaways from his speech:
If your representatives are not supporting election integrity—the number one issue for 2022—primary, repeal, and replace them!

Make your voices heard. You have to be LOUD! Call and email your elected officials on ALL the important issues.

In 2016, 120 million people did NOT vote. Start registering conservatives to VOTE! Go to gun shops, gun shows, Home Depot... and the places where conservatives and Christians go. Commit to registering at least 5 new Republican voters for 2022.

Scott showed us how to register a voter! He demonstrated three different examples and what to do in each situation.

Scott's ending words: DO SOMETHING!!

Scott Presler is the CPAC 2021 Ronald Reagan Freedom Award winner. He travels full time encouraging people to get involved in their local communities and run for political offices.

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This event was organized by Primary John Thune in 2022. Join their efforts:

Websites that Scott referenced:

Videotaped on July 22, 2021, by Stand Up For Liberty

Stand Up For Liberty ACTION - What Can You Do?

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