Episode 310: Sheepdogs and Prophets

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Sheepdogs and Prophets
Sheepdogs and Prophets came to me as I finished re-enacting Sam Adams at a Liberty Camp for kids and listening to a couple vblogs (see the References) by Doug Wilson. One of the key learning words at Liberty Camp this year is ‘Sheepdogs.’ The intent is to teach the students, during this week long day camp that they are Patriots that walk among those who meander and follow the whims of life while the wolves which despise our Republic are out to devour our Republic.

While facilitating my two Constitutional Classes this week and catching up on some Doug Wilson vblogs, it hit me that there is a correlation between Sheepdogs and Prophets. Now to the most astute Biblical scholar this comparison might seem nonsensical but, to those of us who take a simple direct approach, it makes perfect sense.

Sheepdogs are not only among the flock the watch over the flock. They do the bidding of the sheep herder without questioning him. Not only that, they are on guard against the wolves. They will fight with all they have to protect the sheep. They delight in the appreciation and praise of the sheep herder. Hmmm … interesting allegory.

So what happened to the sheepdogs in the pulpits, in education and in political or cultural affairs in these United States? I’ll discuss this on the program.

Keeping it simple, Prophets didn’t have the first order of business being future tellers or for a number of modern church prophets – fortune tellers. NO, the prophet called out the sins of leaders and the people. They were in the midst of the sheep, I mean people, reminding them of the direction they needed to go to return to truth and the correct path. They also took on the wolves. Jezebel comes to mind especially when I think of her splattered on the ground getting eaten by dogs.

So I bring this into the conversation. Not about Jezebel but regarding those who are really looking at what is going on in the world around us and have been warning for decades as to the truth and correct path to be on. Additionally, not having direct revelation from the mouth of God but by deduction, Biblical principles and reading the past, predicted our present.

Not a Shot Fired
Reviewing this with you again. Yes, I’ve spoken of this writing of Jan Kozak for years. Hmmm… Warning for decades how this was playing out and is now our present reality. Go to the references, download and read it again if you’ve never read it, it is time you do.

See the full blog and references at the link above.

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