Almost every European country stopped this assault on our health - why hasn't the US?

Published July 22, 2021 17 Views

Rick North - Safe water advocate

Why are American clean water activists called "conspiratorial" when opposing fluoridation, while 98% of Europeans drink unfluoridated water, with many countries banning it outright?

Rick North is the former executive vice president of the Oregon American Cancer Society and former founder and project director for the Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility’s Campaign for Safe Food. Now retired, he consults with advocates all over the world to end fluoridation.

Although it’s dubbed “safe and effective” by the U.S. medical establishment, fluoridation is no such thing. The Centers for Disease Control hails the dumping of this toxin into our water as one of the top 10 public health achievements. Just like leaded paint and gas, asbestos, DDT, and tobacco, though, it’s yet another major threat to our health that the government has refused to acknowledge for decades, even in the face of overwhelming science.

In 2015, the U.S. government did admit that the “optimal” level of fluoride recommended since 1962 had in fact been too high. Over 40% of American teens show signs of fluoride overexposure, and the Department of Health and Human Services lowered its recommendation by the same percentage.

Understanding how ingested fluoride affects your body and brain is particularly important for parents (especially those with hypothyroidism), their young children (including those with ADD), and pregnant women.

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