Agent Provocateurs, Haiti, Assange, Lolita Express, Residential Schools, Education, Advice... [ASMR]

2 years ago

- CensorTube Intro (0:00-:2:31)
- To Understand Domestic Policy, Learn How Governments Use Agent Provocateurs to Instill Fear in Society and Control Humanity (11:15 -15:17)
- Comic Book Haul #54: Coup D'Etat The Assassination of John F. Kennedy Trading Cards (1990, Eclipse) (17:52-33:25)
- In Regards to The Assassination of Haiti's President Jovenel Moise, a Little History (33:26... and more)
- Update on Julian Assange (36:45-38:03)
- More in Haiti, Clinton Foundation's Child Trafficking (38:04)
- "The Church Grounds of Death", Regarding the Mass Murder of Indigenous Children at Residential School in Canada (39:42-41:13)
- Epstein, Maxwell and Lolita Express (41:45)
- Thoughts Regarding Haiti: Why Does The Western World have Such a Hard-on for Haiti (45:00-48:11)
-... and more...
- Why I Stopped Following Professional Sports: A Story About a Students and Education in Canada (53:25-1:00:28)
-...and more...
- Regarding Our Kitty Cat Emotes (1:04:18-1:06:36)
- Some Life Advice Regarding Living with Parents (1:07:21-1:10:33)
- Some More Life and Personal Finance Advice, Prepare and Be Informed (1:10:34-1:13:09)
- The Language of Mathematics: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Teaching Math (1:13:19-1:18:15)
- Euro Final Discussion: Italy vs England (1:21:45 and further)
-...and more...
- Looking at more of the Political Trading Cards (1:35:00)
-...and much more...

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