Reflecting Martin Luther King and Robert Francis Kennedy: Only Love Can Cure the Mindless Coronavirus of Hate

Published July 17, 2021 5,185 Views

Rumble Read associated that details my bout with homelessness:

This entire week, I've been waging a war against the outrageous propositions put forth by Biden and his administration as they have declared war on anyone who questions their tyrannical views as pointed out in the article above. This video is a testimony that there is a better way to fight evil than to be angry. As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, the only way to drive out hate and anger is through love. This is my testimony. This message is about unity and love, if YouTube removes this video, it will only affirm that they are fascists who are intent on silencing journalists who do their job and question authority. This video will be available on Rokfin, Rumble and Bitchute in case it is censored by YouTube.

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Biden's administration's fascism:

Article dedicated to the men and women of the United States:

Video narration of the above article:

The poem I wrote right before I became homeless:

Story of my redemption from homelessness to love:

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