DrBill.TV #496 - The Elgato Event Plus Your Network Security with Pi-Hole Edition!

2 years ago

The 2021 Elgato Streaming Event, new Amazon FireTV interface, Pi-Hole DNS re-direct for security, the WPAD vulnerability, GSotW: Signal Secure SMS Client, Microsoft Windows 365 Desktop-in-the-Cloud, plus the usual silliness! (Jul 17, 2021)

00:00 Intro
04:22 The 2021 Elgato Streaming Device Showcase Event
07:14 Amazon FireTV new interface
07:44 Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud-PC
09:34 Implementing Pi-Hole and finding several surprises!
25:49 Geek Software of the Week: Signal Secure Encrypted SMS Client
29:38 Sign-off

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