Episode 309: Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely On Topics - Woke General Staff

Published July 17, 2021 49 Views

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Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely
I have the great honor to interview Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely. I prefer that he describes his past and present service to our Republic during the first part of the program. But if don’t know who he is and want to read about him, here is the link to the bio of Maj. Gen. Vallely.

When I proposed a topic to Gen Vallely this is what was on my mind, ‘What is going on with commissars in the military (O’Biden CRT training even into special forces as well as continuing the Obama era cultural revolution in the military)?’

Unwinding the Woke General/Flag Staff
I wanted to dig deep with Gen. Vallely regarding the decades of infiltration of the General/Flag Staff officers that lost the motto of ‘Duty, Honor and County.’ His insight is eye opening and delves into the systemic problem of socialist and communist in academia.
***See full blog post at Link above.

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