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In this interview, Dr. Thomas Levy, a board-certified cardiologist perhaps best known for his work with vitamin C, discusses nebulized hydrogen peroxide, which has become my favorite intervention for viral illnesses, including COVID-19.

Nebulized hydrogen peroxide is a safe, inexpensive and incredibly effective way to prevent and treat viral illnesses of all kinds.
While hydrogen peroxide kills viruses, it also kills other pathogens that can contribute to an unhealthy gut and/or oral microbiome. As such, it may also improve your microbiome and help resolve a wide variety of other chronic ailments, including gut problems and periodontitis.
Hydrogen peroxide is part of your body’s natural defense against pathogens. So, when you nebulize hydrogen peroxide, you’re really just augmenting your body’s natural defense system.
Being able to treat yourself at home at the first signs of COVID-19 symptoms will also virtually eliminate your risk of long-haul syndrome. So far, medical doctors who have treated COVID-19 patients agree that if treatment begins early enough, patients almost always fully recover and have no longstanding side effects from the infection.
Buy the required supplies before you need them, so you have everything and can treat yourself at the first signs of symptoms. Most of the time, after two or three treatments, the infection will be stopped in its tracks.

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