White House Admits It Decides Who Gets Shut Down!!, 3633

Published July 15, 2021 415 Views

Rumble on the coup.
My last two reports have been about getting simultaneously thrown off YouTube and Facebook at the same time.
This was shocking, because I’ve never had any trouble staying up on Facebook. They have never censored me before, even when YouTube has. So I wondered why they both did it at exactly the same time, and Facebook has apparently shut me down for good. Why?
Well at today’s White House Press Briefing it became obvious why. Because the White House ordered Facebook and YouTube to shut the Still Report down. Why? What evil lie did I report upon to warrant this blatant violation of our 1st Amendment rights?
Because I had the audacity to report on a press release from the World Health Organization which stated that young people under age 18 don’t need to take the relax acation.
Remember, I didn’t make such a pronouncement, the WHO did. I just reported it because it was a giant turnaround for the WHO.
So this afternoon, White House Press Secretary Jenz Whacky admitted that the big tech social media giants were now taking their marching orders from the White House – a purely political move.
So now there is no intermediary. If Biden or Obama don’t like you, you will lose your ability to broadcast the news as you see it.
Here is the actual footage of the White House Press Secretary making this remarkable admission of politicians gone wild.
This is remarkable moment in the history of the free press in the United States – when we have fallen under the total control of the White House.
Beth and Johnny and I plan to be doing our YouTube livestream tomorrow night at 7pm. There is a lot to discuss.
I’m still reporting from just outside the one-time citadel of world freedom. Good day.