La Quinta Columna: Graphene Oxide causes Erectile Dysfunction and Sperm Toxicity

2 years ago

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La Quinta Columna covered several points, as always, related to graphene during program #81, but there was one that caught Orwell City's attention in particular.

Many men have reported experiencing erectile dysfunction after being vaccinated. This side effect is directly related to low zinc levels produced by the presence of graphene oxide in the body.

The biostatistician and director of La Quinta Columna along with Dr. José Luis Sevillano have discussed the toxicity of graphene on human sperm before, but now they discuss more reproductive damage in males.

Orwell City offers the video below, which in turn compiles a key excerpt from an earlier program so that viewers can more easily see how the toxicity of the nanomaterial found in vaccination vials affects reproductive capabilities.

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