Georgia Subtracted 42,173 Votes From Trump And Adjudicated More Than 106,000 Ballots

2 years ago

This presentation was done by a team of data scientists and programmers with experience working for the US Navy, the CIA, the National Counter-Terrorism Center, and Big 4 Accounting Firms.

Receiving over 90% in a precinct is a marker for fraud.

In Fulton County alone we can see that more than 150 precincts voted 90% or more for Biden. In the statewide race that was decided by less than 13,000 votes these 150 Fulton precincts alone accounted for 152,000 Biden votes. This is a clear indicator of suspicious or outright fraudulent activity.

"We've scanned 113,130. We've adjudicated 106,000. The only ballots that are adjudicated are if we have a ballot with a contest on it in which there's some question as to how the computer reads it. So the vote review panel then determines voter intent."
-Richard Barron
Fulton County, Election Director

ADJUDICATION: the process of reviewing a ballot that may have been flagged during the ballot scanning process. This is an override function that is meant for a marginal number of ballots, not over a hundred thousand in one county.

"The problem in Dekalb County, and most likely, other counties, the duplication of the ballots were done by election office employees in a separate location without any oversight of a voter review panel. So there was no accountability of what was transcribed from the original ballot to a new pristine ballot so it could be read by the scanners."
-Marci McCarthy
Dekalb County, Voter Review Panelist

In 94 precincts in Dekalb County, it is statistically impossible to have 9 out of 10 voters voting for Joe Biden.

Now, we'll take a closer look at some vote manipulation within the election database including explicit vote count switching from one candidate to another.


Answer: There shouldn't be any.

Unbeknownst to the general public, votes for Donald Trump were being switched and removed from his total. Across the three counties of Doge, Dougherty, and Putnam, Trump has 30,000 votes that simply disappear. In Bibb County, 12,173 votes were subtracted from Donald Trump while 12,173 votes were added to Joe Biden. A clear and exact switch of vote totals between candidates.

According to the Georgia Secretary of State's website, Trump lost by 12,670 votes. As you have seen in this video, far more votes than that were taken from President Trump.

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