The People's Voice with Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

2 years ago

The People's Voice
with Shabnam Palesa Mohamed
July 2021

In this edition of #ThePeoplesVoice, we update our audience on groundbreaking legal action from the International Bar Association in India, analyze the role of the WHO and Big Pharma in health, and hear a clarion call made to both human rights lawyers and civil society around the world.

Our guests: Adv Nilesh Ojha, Adv Dipali Ojha, Attorney Edward Flaherty, and Activist Yohan Tengra.

Find out:
1. Is Bill Gates going to be held accountable for vaccine deaths and injuries in India?
2. Will WHO director general Dr Adhenom Tedros and chief scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan be held responsible for disinformation and censorship on Ivermectin?
3. What about the role of Dr Anthony Fauci and the influence of Big Pharma?
4. Should the WHO be reformed, abolished, or replaced? Vote in the comments.
5. What is the call to action from ILAH (International Legal Alliance for Health), and, the message to activists and citizens around the world?

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