Dead Presidents, Mounting Medical Tyranny & The Call For Patriots To Deal With Tyrants

Published July 13, 2021 42,644 Views

Rumble Burundi, Tanzania and most recently Haiti have all seen their presidents die within months of each other, and the former Prime Minister of the Ivory Coast also died during that same time period.  What's interesting is that they all rejected the experimental COVID injections for their countries.  As this has been going on, the mounting medical tyranny has risen in the US and around the world.  However, our medical tyranny has been rooted in Obamacare, organized by Homeland Security and aided by corrupt politicians and the FDA and the CDC, along with the promotion of Big Pharma's poisons by the Mockingbird media.  Is there anything the people can do to stop this tyranny?  Yes!  We'll talk about that in this episode.

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