Eric Holder Choking on his Testimony

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Just to refresh your memory the Obama regime was carrying out a false flag operation called “Fast and Furious” to run fully automatic weapons into Mexico and allow the weapons to get into the hands of drug cartels. The purpose of the false flag operation was to trace the guns back to the drug cartels and to demonize the 2nd Amendment so the NWO China Communist, who have infiltrated the Federal Government, Demon-rat Part, Republican Party and Deep State, to justify eliminating our Creator/Elohiym/YaHVeH given right to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government. The Obama regime caused numerous innocent people to be murdered with these weapons they gave to the Mexican drug cartels; the Obama regime also caused the murdered of a USA Border Patrol agent on Dec. 14, 2010, Brian Terry during a gunfight.

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This video has been posted for historical purposes. It is to remind "We the People" of the USA one of many crimes the Obama Regime has gotten away with without Eric Holder and many others in his Regime being held accountable.

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John Cornyn on Fast and Furious


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