Angels and Healing Light Show Special Guest Robyn McGuire 12July2021

Published July 12, 2021 12 Views

Rumble Tonight at 8 pm ET.

Goldylocks Productions presents Angels and Healing Light with Laura Romeiro.

Laura Romeiro opens to the Angelic Realm to provide answers, guidance and healing about the things that affect us all: love, relationships, life purpose, career, health, and the best path to a happier life. After a personal encounter with Archangel Michael, Laura was drawn to learn as much as she could about Angels and began to help others by connecting with their Angels to help get guidance and healing with channeled and intuitive messages.

Laura is also a Certified Spiritual Healer, Certified Medical Reiki Master-Teacher, Bioenergy Healer, and Animal Communicator. She is an accredited member of the ASSMPI, the America Society for Standards in Mediumship and Psychical Investigation.

Special Guest: Robyn McGuire

Robyn McGuire's mission in life is to help others heal and understand their life's purpose. She is a psychic medium who connects with Angels, spirit guides, ancestors, mystical beings, spirit animals, and family members who have crossed over. Robyn communicates with all living creatures.

As a child she would see and hear spirits and talk to animals. She started having outer body experiences. When she started seeing dark spirits and having sleep paralysis, she learned to ask Jesus and the angels for help.

Robyn has been doing readings since the 1980s with oracle cards, and channeled messages. She also started spirit writing and talking to one of her spirit guides. At age twenty one she was reading the book of revelations aloud so her unborn child could hear. There were three Angels listening to her. At age 24 her sister took her to a religious event at a large stadium where Robyn saw many Angelic beings. This is when she learned she could speak in tongues, Jesus came to her in a dream and said, “My child, remember who you are. You are love and divine light." She realized she had a divine connection to the Angelic realm. Robyn is able to speak in light language when she is connecting to the Angelic realm.

In her forties she started learning boundaries and how to love herself. Robyn has over 40 years’ experience connecting to the spiritual realm. Robyn has many tools she uses. Besides mediumship, she also uses oracle cards, pendulums, charms and whatever else she decides to use. She writes spirit letters and even does spirit art.