Canadian Court Ends Covid Emergency | Mask Mandates, Lockdowns, & Emergency Use Jab are now Unlawful

Published July 11, 2021 10,242 Views

The many cases that have been going before the courts in many Canadian provinces have born fruit. The governments have been forced to declare an end to the State of Emergency, yet the media is not reporting on this and the governments themselves are continuing with their agenda despite the fact that they are now 100% CRIMINAL to do so. Without a State of Emergency, there is no legal basis for mask mandates, lockdowns, or the so-called "vaccine" as it only had emergency use authorization.

This is huge news, and it demonstrates that the NWO Antichrist governments across Canada are now officially CRIMINAL.
Time for the resistance to fight back harder than ever, the law is now on our side.

Clearly, not all the courts in this country have been corrupted

Justice is Coming for the Perpetrators of the Covid Crime Against Humanity

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