PANDEMIC SCAM BLOWN WIDE OPEN. Dr David Martin | Dr Reiner Fuellmich - July 9, 2021

2 years ago

Sars is not nautural, it was made and patented on 19th April 2002, just months before the "outbreak" in Asia, Patent No:7279327.
This also fully exposes the CDC's complicity and major vaccine companies as complicit.
In one instance, a patent for a coronavirus treatment was patented 3 days before the actual coronavirus it was alleged to be able to treat.
In 2008 DARPA showed an interest in coronavirus as a biological weapon.
We also now see that Moderna had a vaccine ready for this latest "outbreak" a month before it actually happened.
MERCK wrote the script for what we see now in 2004 and called it "Sars & Bioterrorism". They also introduced at the same time the term "The New Normal"
Moderna knew it would be placed at the first in line for the development of a vaccine in March 2019.
There's so much more in this video, you need to watch it.
Your family and friends need to know this information.

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