Levin: American Marxism Is On The Rise

Published July 9, 2021 10,037 Views

Rumble Mark Levin joins Hannity to discuss American Marxism.
"I start with the tactics and motives of the left. We see what they are doing. Other than looting and burning and arson, in terms of their peaceful actions, we ought to learn from them, we got to steal some of their ideas. For instance, the BDS movement I have in the book: boycott, divestment, sanction, which the anti-Semites use against Israel, but why shouldn't we use them legitimately against these Marxist movements and these entities. These corporations in America, if they want to throw in with these and they do that in these totalitarianism type regimes or movements and so forth, all over the world, then they need to pay a price."

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