EP 2523-6pm ARIZONA AUDIT: 'It's Going to Shock the Country"

Published July 9, 2021 2,326 Views

Rumble EP 2523-6pm ARIZONA AUDIT:  'It's Going to Shock the Country" 
On Thursday morning The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson joined Steve Bannon in his first interview on The War Room.  Jordan Conradson and OAN’s Christina Bob are the two top conservative reporters bringing you the facts from the historic Arizona forensic audit. Jordan updated the War Room audience on the latest developments coming out of Arizona. On Thursday during their lengthy interview, Steve Bannon teased what is about to drop in Arizona.
Steve Bannon: What do you think the timing of this is?… What is your best idea now of timing? Because that’s the domino. Whether it’s a letter of Karen Fann to Maricopa County, whether it’s a subpoena to get more information? Her first salvo in this I think is going to shock the country… I think we’re going to get, I think we may get an actual interim letter from Karen Fann before the final report. I know they’re working on the final report. But I think that’s going to be something that’s a formal process because that’s what they said they were going to do as a report. I think there’s going to be shots fired from the state senate with some pretty definitive numbers saying, “Hey, we’re confused here,” to Maricopa County.
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