2 Thessalonians 2. Introduction to the Perfect Law of Liberty

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Rumble 2 Thessalonians 2.
In 340 AD, men who started the Catholic denomination gave up the preaching/rule of Christ over this world for the preaching/rule of men. - giving up the objective truth of God, Bible from God and salvation 2 Thess. 2:10. There is a surprising number of men who the Lord counted as righteous who were forced to listen to the heresies of men cf. Job; Rev. 22:11.
The preaching and religions of men: denominationalism, socialism, atheism, etc., are the cause of human suffering and the spiritual dark ages 2 Thess. 2:3. The spiritual warfare that we are to fight is between the preaching of men and the preaching of Christ Gen. 2:17; 3:5.
Those counted as righteous by God are, and were saved by grace despite the heresies of men preached by men Acts 17:30; Rom. 5:13.
The salvation of all the righteous both living and dead will be realized during the great wedding feast which is the Kingdom of Heaven. "You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free from every wind of the doctrine of men." John 8:32: Eph. 4:14.
The times of ignorance where we thought that men were morality gods and could preach objective truth Gen. 3:5, God overlooked but now commands all men everywhere to repent for the preaching of the Lord (objective truth from God) is as high as the heavens above the preaching of men Acts 17:30; Isaiah 55:8-9: Eph. 2:7.

Coming out of the spiritual dark ages means that we will realize that spiritual warfare is between the ways of men and the ways of God, the Bible, faith system, preaching, etc. all of God is exceedingly abundantly greater than we ever imagined Eph. 3:20. The way's of God are as High as the heavens above the ways of men Isaiah 55:8-9!

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