Censored COVID News | The Real Risk with Andrew Kaufman, MD

2 years ago

Jonathan Landsman and Andrew Kaufman, MD talk about many of the most overlooked – yet significant – aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of people are convinced that our current health crisis is based on an outside threat – which is invisible to the naked eye and (even more “mysteriously”) represents a life-threatening possibility, even though the vast majority of the population will experience little to no ill effects. You will be SHOCKED to discover the flawed methods used to reveal who is truly at risk or not.

In this exclusive interview, we review the surprising (scientific) truth about this pandemic; the greatest problem associated with the current COVID narrative; a real reason why PCR testing is being used incorrectly; SHOCKING mask truths revealed plus an uplifting message – at the end of this interview – about how to protect your health naturally.

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