David's Comments after Saint Germain's HeartStream

Published July 8, 2021 95 Views

Rumble https://www.heartscenter.org - David Christopher Lewis discourses on the coming of the great Aquarian master and avatar Saint Germain to speak to the heartfriends of the Hearts Center community. He inspires us to be more than we have been and to offer even more of the gifts and talents in order to co-create the beautiful new world that we desire. The present cycle of Cancer provides us an entry into the water element, which is the emotional quadrant and now we can also access the light of the Divine Mother to bring love to all of humanity. It is an opportunity to use the liquid light-field of the Cosmos itself to bless others and to grace them with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. As we serve and give, we are filled and renewed again by the Holy Spirit to continue offering love.
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