BREAKING 7.7.21 Trump Files Class Action Lawsuits Against Google, Facebook, Twitter

Published July 7, 2021 1,115 Views

Rumble LOVE that President Trump had the Presidential Seal is on his podium, right where it belongs!

"Class action suits are very effective" -Q

If you've been censored in this way, you are encouraged to join the class action lawsuit.

******Full video and contact information here: *****

It seems most of the “MAGA Celebrities” and a lot of the smaller non-Anons are able to stay on social media unscathed, but the moment you post #WWG1WGA, #QAnon, or #TheGreatAwakening you are IMMEDIATELY BLACKLISTED.

Certain accounts ARE targeted more than others.

If you feel you have had your rights violated by Big Tech then by ALL means, take ‘em to the cleaners!

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