When Secret Soviet MiG Aces Fought US Sabres

Published July 7, 2021 1,816 Views

In the skies over Korea at the height of the Cold War, Soviet fighter aces secretly fought against the UN forces. Northwest Korea over the Yalu river, also known as MiG Alley is where most of these engagements occurred. The US pilots named these talented aviators "Honchos". The Head Honcho that patrolled over MiG Alley, was nicknamed "Casey Jones" or "Ol' Casey". Flying a MIG 15 bis with a special paint job, Casey Jones was none other than Soviet WW2 pilot Sergei Kramarenko.

Thanks to Vika for translating the information from the Russian sources. In particular Sergei Kramarenko's memoire, "Against Messerschmitts and Sabre Jets. In the Sky of Two Wars" by Sergei Kramarenko.

We also took references from the excellent book F-86 Sabre vs MiG-15: Korea 1950-53 by Douglas C. Dildy and Warren Thompson.

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