Sad Reality Check on MSNBC Glee Over Weisselberg Indictment

Published July 6, 2021 52 Views

Rumble Amidst all the media joy, led by MSNBC, over the Allen Weisselberg indictment, a certain matter that should have been all too obvious seems to have conveniently eluded them. In this video, Professor Alan Derhshowitz brings that matter up very succinctly in a manner that even those not familiar with the finer points of the law will immediately understand.

I can understand why laughable demagogues such as MSNBC's Elie Mystal would spout off nonsense as you see here but what of the more "serious" legal analysts on the other networks? How could they have missed the obvious detail highlighted by Dershowitz. Okay, in the case of of CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin I can understand why he would have other things on his mind... or hand.

Standing by now for the inevitable and always hilarious Elie Mystal meltdown.