The US Gov will never lie to us

2 years ago

1979 Swine flu (H1N1 hoax)

1976 - Gov/CDC/WHO issues Swine Flu (H1N1) pandemic and hard
pushes vaccinations
1979 - This vid (@ 6min mark should seem REALLY familiar)

They've done it a few times before but the last hard push,
minus today's current "pandemic", was in 2009 with again Swine
Flu (H1N1) hoax.

For some reason the US public didn't buy into it that time

(The pandemic or the Vaccine).

Maybe because we were all still starstruck on Obama
Presidency, the major hurricane that hit us or that we were
skeptical because we remembered the 1979 hoax.

Fast forward to 2020 and what do we have? (besides a shitload
of people that don't know about the 1979 [or other] hoax(es)
and that now days they just believe any fake headline they


Well, at least they learned that we ain't gonna buy into any
H1N1 "scare", so now it's a coronavirus!
*Fun-Fact: Coronavirus have been around for 1000's of years
folks - they aren't new.

How many of you thought a corona virus was some brand new

virus never seen before?

Not like you sheep actually take in info and read/think for
yourselves other than scanning and believing (fake) headlines
these days.
But if you DID, you might find that these orgs, including
factions of the US Gov will absolutely push 100% bullshit on
you without hesitancy.

And as seen over the last 1.5 years, you'll just bend over and
buy into it.
However this time they have almost all of mainstream "news"
backing the lie so you non-thinking sheep don't stand a

Ofc I'm certain CensorBook/CensoTube would flag this as "extremest"/"Hate
Speech" or whatever they randomly make up this time...


You - "AJ is st00pid. I need to wear a mask forever...In fact,
I need to wear MORE than one mask! It just makes common

Edit: I am not anti-vax. But they way it's been thrown into
EVERYTHING and non-stop shoved in our faces today make me

personally not want it.
But then again, I tend to think for myself...

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