How To Starve Cancer

2 years ago

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD, Author of Light Medicine: A New Paradigm - The Science of Light, Spirit, and Longevity ( interviews Jane McLelland, Author of the award-winning book: How to Starve Cancer ( Jane is winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 ‘Amazing Women Global’ for unsung heroines, awarded for Jane’s work educating and helping cancer patients since 2003.

In this remarkable interview, we discuss Jane’s journey when diagnosed with terminal cancer in the prime of her life, and with no viable treatment options, putting together a cocktail of low toxicity drugs, not normally used for cancer, alongside a low glycemic diet and powerful supplements. These ‘starved’ her cancer of glucose, glutamine and fat and led to her miraculous cancer free life for the last 17 years. We discuss the concepts of metabolic treatment for cancer, the disciplined, yet hopeful mindset required to heal oneself from this disease, the importance of self-education, the challenges of finding openminded oncologists and the message of hope: even with advanced cancers, there are chances for recovery.

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