Joe's Place - The Joe Giannotti Podcast (Episode 5) - Guests: Dr. Brian Tyson and Mathew Crawford

2 years ago

We continue to delve extensively into the COVID-19 data with esteemed statistician, Mathew Crawford. In this episode, we take a closer look at the use of early treatment and its success. Mathew has been researching the data from Dr. Brian Tyson, who has successfully treated over 6000 patients who contracted COVID throughout the pandemic. It is my great honor to have Dr. Tyson here on this episode to not only discuss the data, but also the strategies that he has been using throughout the pandemic.

You can follow Dr. Brian Tyson on Twitter: @btysonmd

You can follow Mathew Crawford on Twitter: @EduEngineer

Here is Mathew's blog and you can sign up here to the Rounding the Earth Newsletter:

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