Biden’s Fake Infrastructure ‘Compromise'

Published July 1, 2021 119 Views

Rumble Want to know the truth about the so-called compromise infrastructure spending bill in Washington? With today's Americans for Limited Government Minute, I'm Catherine Mortensen. It's no compromise! Democrats and Joe Biden don't intend to give up anything. Biden said he will sign the six hundred billion dollar bill that Republican negotiators agreed to -- it deals mostly with spending for things such as roads, and bridges. But .... Democrats are demanding that he only sign the bill if they get a second spending bill that includes what they call human infrastructure, that's money for their middle-class welfare scheme, child care, elder and green energy -- a massive expansion of the welfare state. If he signs two bills, Biden has given up absolutely nothing. Quite the opposite, he not only gets everything he wanted. It's unclear how this will all play out... just know Biden and his party have not been honest about any of this. for more check us out at the

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