1 year ago

CPR Saves Yorkie

Occurred on August 25, 2019 / Torrance, California, USA

Info from Licensor: "Mr. Bigsby is a rescue Yorkie. We found him in a parking lot, inside of a bag. He was all skin and bones and smelled like gasoline. He had a note in his bag that the previous owner stated they didn't have enough patience to potty train him. He was only 6 months old at the time. He has become a favorite in our home, we have 3 other dogs, and Mr. Bigsby, the smallest of our pack, has the biggest personality. This video took place at our home. My husband was getting ready to feed the dogs and couldn't find him. He found him in our backyard on the doormat. He was completely lifeless and not breathing. My husband immediately called me on face time while performing CPR. I was only 5 minutes away and drove straight over to pick them both up and head to the Vet ER. They stated he was probably bit by a spider and was in anaphylactic shock. He spent the night in the ER, but thanks to my husband's quick work, he survived. He does have seizures now from the lack the oxygen, but otherwise in great health. He is a bundle of energy and still the house baby and favorite."

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