Republikflucht: The Karen Apocalypse and the Great Reset

Published July 1, 2021 3,381 Views

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Intro Video: Karen The Movie:

Republickflucht: Information on the history of escape, escape assistance and ransom:

Global report: rise in Delta variant cases forces tougher restrictions:

Fully Vaccinated Israelis May Be Forced To Quarantine After Exposure To "Delta" Variant:

WHO Official Says Mask Mandates & Social Distancing Should Continue Indefinitely”

12 Year-old Maddie de Garay Volunteered In A COVID Vaccine Study And Now Is In A Wheel Chair And Also Requires A Feeding Tube:

NOT MAKING HEADLINES: CDC Officials Admit More Hospitalizations of Young People from Vaccine than From the Actual COVID Virus – Including HUGE Number of Heart Problems Reported:

The Safety of Covid 19 Vaccinations: For every 3 deaths 'prevented by jab', we have to accept 2 deaths caused by the jab!

The U.S. VAERS now shows over 6,000 vaccine-associated deaths:

Eric Clapton on Vaccine:

For the first 37 years of my life, we called this hayfever - Gareth Icke:

lebanese video:

Situation not looking good in #Lebanon as civil unrest breaks out amid severe fuel shortages, rolling blackouts, crippling hyperinflation, and political instability. Footage of crowds clashing with troops in #Tripoli.:

Economic crisis, severe shortages make Lebanon ‘unlivable’:

Mexico bans crypto at banks after billionaire promotes bitcoin:

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