Drunk Car

Published June 30, 2021 4 Views

Rumble — Every hour, thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube, many of which are low-quality, that do not attract an audience and can only make the audience watch once and then forget. I see it's a waste of foundation resources, so we build "Doodles" technology, turning inanimate objects into self-thinking, actionable characters. Do whatever you want. To do so, we've gone from collecting source videos, collaborating with owners, then editing ideas, animating, post-production, and uploading products to YouTube.
Enjoy these brand new videos, full of fun and give your audience a new perspective on life, thank you for watching.

Police Car Doodle Chases Drunk Car In Real Life | Lucky Doodles
Video is a Collection of failure action scenes of vehicles on the road. There aren't any violent or dangerous scenes here. The video contains a collection of failed action scenes that does not focus on offensive injury. You can see if we don't focus on driving while on the road then the consequences will be broken glasses and repair tickets, haha. Through Doodle technology, everything becomes more humorous, relevant and healthy, and wishes you a safe driving.
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