Why Ivermectin not approved by TGA? Why should Australia be lab-rats of vaccine trial?

Senator Roberts asking TGA when Ivermectin will be approved in Australia

Senator ROBERTS: Thank you. Ivermectin is an antiviral that has been proven safe in 3.6 billion human doses over 60 years. It’s now demonstrating success in treating COVID internationally, including in certain Indian states that are performing far better than the other states without it. Last time you were here, Professor Murphy and Professor Kelly, you acknowledged that cures and preventatives are a fundamental and complementary part of a virus management strategy. What is your timeline for the assessment and use of Ivermectin in light of the emerging evidence and its historical safety?

Dr Skerritt: Senator, we have not received a submission for Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID. I have had a number of people write to me and say, ‘Why haven’t you folks approved?’ We can’t make a medicine submission to ourselves for regulatory approval. There is no provision in law for us because it requires a legal sponsor.
But we have said to people, ‘If you come with a dossier of information, we will review it as a priority.’ So it is open for any sponsor to put an application in for Ivermectin to the TGA for regulatory approval.

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