Baby swan gets head comically stuck in mother's neck

Published June 28, 2021 7,301 Views $11.58 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis baby swan, or cygnet is adorable as he watches his mother and father stirring up the mud at the bottom of the pond so that they can eat the roots and the babies can eat the insects that float up. But he's even more adorable as he comically struggles to get free after finding his head trapped between his mother's neck and back. His mother is oblivious to the panic and she continues to drift around in search of food, not realizing that her baby is frantically trying to get free. The cygnet eventually gets out of his predicament and shakes it off as his mother continues with her foraging.

Trumpeter swans are beautiful birds that were once near the brink of extinction. It was believed that they had plummeted to less than 70 in North America in the 1930s until a small population was discovered in Alaska. Through conservation efforts, populations of trumpeter swans made an incredible recovery.

A large and powerful bird, they are a favourite among bird enthusiasts and nature lovers. They are a symbol of all things majestic and graceful. Two swans caring for their babies as these two are make a very memorable sight.