6-25-21 Friday FARcast With Russ Winter-- Breaking Down Black Magik

Published June 28, 2021 428 Views

Rumble On today's FAR I'm joined by Russ Winter from www.winterwatch.net a terrific website that's got fresh content on a daily basis. Russ specializes in breaking down events by using logical, rational and deductive tools, tools that law enforcement has employed. We get into a psychological process that Winter has dubbed, "Black Magic" and it's a technique where they reveal fragments of the event, showing you it's not real, yet getting you to buy into the fact that what one is witnessing is indeed real.

We cover the Boston Marathon event, specifically the show trial of Dzhokar Tsarnaev. We revisit Parkland and watch supposedly smoking gun video that reveals nothing,

Lastly we re-visit Roanoke's sole survivor of the Allison Parker shooting, and the sole survivor, Vicki Gardner.

You can find Russ's work at http://www.winterwatch.net