1 year ago

Destroy America

It is clear that the revolutionary regime is going to use artificially generated food scarcity as a weapon. The CSS has shown how 19 food processing plants have been rendered inactive by using COVID-19 infections as the excuse. There has been no attempt to keep these critical plants open so food could reach our tables. This is deliberate.

Consequently, farmers and ranchers have been forced to destroy millions of cattle, poultry and are dumping large volumes of milk because they can get the products to market. In addition, the Wuhan Flu destroyed the food chain supplies. We are now eating yesterday's harvest. All across the country, we are beginning to see the effects of food inflation, supply purchase limitations and outright shortages. Extreme famine and food dependency upon the government is in our immediate future, by design.

Let's not forget our debt has skyrocketed over $10 trillion. One-third of the country is unemployed. Five million mortgage payments will not be paid this month. This will profoundly destabilize the banks. How long can the Federal Reserve continue to infuse cash into the Stock Market before it crashes?

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