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ARTIE AND BAILEY ARE REALLY UPSET - FIND OUT WHY - TDW Studio Chat 110 with Jules and Sara

TDW Studio Chat 110 with Jules and Sara

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The Dancer's Workout® (TDW) classes are exhilarating, one-hour, adult dance fitness classes which use ballet, jazz, contemporary dance, and toning exercises to recondition your body and spirit! No matter how long it’s been since you were in the studio, if you've had ballet training, you will LOVE the way the choreography in each of The Dancer’s Workout® classes builds upon itself throughout the hour and then culminates with an electrifying pop song!

Taught by UNC School of the Arts classical ballet graduate, Jules Szabo, each class includes a careful warm-up, exciting dance cardio, and effective toning exercises. Read Jules' story on the UNCSA website here: https://www.uncsa.edu/dance/alumni/jules-szabo.aspx

The Dancer’s Workout® classes are great for dance instructors and current dancers wanting to stay in tip-top dancer's shape and for former dancers who want to start dancing again! Register for your 21-day TDW membership here: https://bit.ly/TDW21trial.

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