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Was the X-Files alien plague & vaccine genocide predictive programming ?

Was the X-Files alien plague & vaccine genocide predictive programming ?
Mandela effect or predictive programming ? What part of all this was real disclosure by Chris Carter in his X-Files series (season 11)?
Listen to what was said on the Freeman show by Chris Knowles, from the Corona crash to Scully’s alien DNA vaccine and Hybridization process…. I’m only giving you food for thought.. Pick what you feel is relevant to our current situation !
Age of the Synchromystic – Chris Knowles https://freemantv.com/age-of-the-synchromystic-chris-knowles/
The X-Files wraps up season finale with Mulder and Scully under hovering UFO after alien plague threatens to wipe out mankind
PUBLISHED: 05:13 BST, 23 February 2016
« Chaos descended on mankind during the season finale of The X-Files on Monday with chilling revelation that everyone will die except for a 'chosen elite'.
The show titled My Struggle II was the last in the six-part miniseries that revived the adventures of the FBI's spooky specialists after their hit 1990s series.
Agents Fox Mulder [David Duchovny] and Dana Scully [Gillian Anderson] were embroiled in a race against time to prevent an immune-destroying virus from ending humanity. »
Hybrid https://x-files.fandom.com/wiki/Hybrid?fbclid=IwAR1QWuYUow-a8FhVQCH2gzwiTgjiUilKTOutyhE0m0BPia7-vUqTZ56_WEQ

« A hybrid is the genetically manipulated product of alien and human DNA as part of the colonization project run by the Syndicate. Some humans became hybrids via gene therapy while others were conceived through a hybridization process.
Purity Control, the alien DNA-based substance found in Doctor Berube's laboratory was also used in the Delta Glen, Wisconsin area by Doctor Larson on his young patients as well as on the cattle fed to the town's population. Older residents began noticing aggressiveness in the people who had developed a "dog eat dog" attitude towards each other. Seven cases of rape were perpetrated by high school boys in a short period. Beth Kane, the mother of one of the inoculated young men claimed that her son was never sick a single day in his life, as he had developed the immunity of hybrids. The Church of the Red Museum, a local vegetarian cult founded by a California doctor named Richard Odin were never in any contact with the substance either from eating the meat or from Doctor Larson's inoculations and were unknowingly used as a control group to observe the differences with the test subjects. When the FBI came to investigate, the Crew Cut Man was sent to kill the people involved in the experiment and burn the local meat plant. The Syndicate operative did provoke Doctor Larson's death, kill the sheriff's son and the farmer charged of inoculating the cattle, but was shot by the sheriff before he could destroy any more lives. The end of Doctor Larson's regular "vitamin shots" caused a severe flu-like ailment in his patients. »

The Complete X-Files: Behind the Series the Myths and the Movies https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1933784725/

Crash at Corona: The U.S. Military Retrieval and Cover-Up of a UFO - The Definitive Study of the Roswell Incident Illustrated Edition by Don Berliner (Author), Stanton T. Friedman (Author)

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