Do you feel stuck sometimes ?

Published June 22, 2021 4 Views

Rumble 5 tips to turn on your INTUITION.

Have you ever felt stuck in your life?

You are not alone!

There is a way out of the daily rut, and it starts with making conscious decisions.

Life consists of a series of small and big choices.

Small decisions, like what will I have for breakfast?

What will I wear today?

Often, we don’t even think about the many small choices we make all day long.

And then there are BIG decisions.

You are thinking of selling the house, or writing a book, or end a toxic relationship, or say No, or Yes to a proposal at work.

These kinds of BIG decisions will change your life forever.

How can you make sure that you don’t make a huge mistake?

When you’re at the critical moment where you absolutely HAVE to decide, how do you ensure you make the right choice?

The BEST answer lies inside you, somewhere just outside your awareness, and the right answer will come to you when you tune into your intuition.

This is easier said than done.

How do you do listen to your Inner Guidance System?

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